About the Artist

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My life revolves around the love I have for my dogs, art and my pottery business.

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Brief History

I started "Cheers' Pottery" in 1994 after working a few years as an apprentice for "The Annapolis Pottery" in Maryland where I grew up.  For about 9 years, I ran my own gallery/studio in Stevensville, MD on Kent Island (across the Bay Bridge from Annapolis).  Then in 2003, I moved to Pagosa Springs, Colorado where I developed the pet urn business. 

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June of 2010, Cheers' Pottery & 'grumble' moved to Bernalillo, New Mexico.

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My current studio (second location in Bernalillo).


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Spiral Hand

Meet my Fur Babies...

Noodles (black) & The Bean (fawn)

snaggle tooth pugbean with his chicken squeaky

noodles black pugnoodles black pug

 Siblings born 9-27-2005. 


At almost 12, Noodles has selective hearing and vision, while Bean's eyes are getting slightly cloudy, he's slowly becoming her ears...



Stitch 626

(rescued from a neighbor Oct. 2016)

boston terrier stitch 626626

big dog bostonstitch 626

"My 'bad boy' from the hood...



black cat loves pug

Zia  (aka 'bunny kitty')

white bunny kitty

zia bunny kittybowl of kitties

mudcat cat in clay box

paw walk

In Sweet Memory of...

Tragically, 2014 started out very hard with the loss of Bender 1/1/14, my little soul mate...

beautiful boston terriersleeping boston terrierboston terrier dog

an a date with my dog

...words cannot describe how much I miss you and the love I hold for you in my heart.

Mook &  Bender

Boston Terrier Bender Pug Mookboston terrier pug dogpug, boston terrier

Then on 10/30/14, sadly Mook passed too, she was at about 17.

pugblack pug dogsleeping black elderly pugpug tongue


The "mudcats" of my former studio

maine coon catbeautiful maine coon mini kittylovin catnip

Grollege, aka "The King"

Passed July 2010

hugging the catwhite kitty

Argie, "The Boo" 

Passed May 2003

cat in the potpotter watchin potter

Mr. Potter

Passed November 2001

black catblack white tuxedo catcat in tree


Passed October 16, 2001 6pm

Bisque is indirectly responsible for me making pet urns.  She was diagnosed with kidney failure just a few days after getting my very first urn request. A tearful woman had come into my gallery asking if I could convert a treat jar into an urn with a dog face to look like her dog with his name on it. This urn order took on a new meaning after I unexpectidly had to say goodbye to my Bisque, which was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I cried and cried while making that urn for I was so devastated over my own Bisque's loss. When the urn was finished, the customer and I shared more tears and hugs and that's when I realized how healing the whole experience had been and that was the start of a very meaningful new branch of my business. I know how important and deep the need is to honor and celebrate one's life shared together with our fur family members. My goal is to create a one-of a-kind memorial to be cherished as a reminder of the special and unique love we hold deep in our hearts that lives forever...