Memorial Tiles

These custom, 6"x6" tiles are offered in two styles, Heart and Paw Tiles, for $35. They are available in all color choices, are durable and can be free-mounted on the wall, grouted into any existing tile work, or displayed outdoors year-round. If you are interested in ordering, please contact me.

Commemorative Tile  Dog Tiles

Burial Tiles

heart paw tile

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Sept. 18, 1994 - Dec. 15, 2009 

          7/14/1998 - 6/28/2010


Heart Tile Cat Tile  Custom Tile

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Cartoon tiles are now being offered, $50 (prices may vary on size and details).  

Memorial Tile        Memory Tile     Dog Tile


Custom Tile  Bermese Cat Portrait Tile


Prices Vary, a portrait tile $95 (6x6)

Portrait TilePortrait Tile of my nephew

Portrait tiles, here's one of my nephew when he was a baby.



Custom Pet Urns


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