dog breed custom pottery

Dog and Cat Treat Jars 

by Cheers' Pottery

dog breed custom pottery cartoon mugs treat jars

Basic 'Cartoon' Dog & Cat Treat Jars 

cat ceramic handmade pottery stoneware treat jar for kitty catscat & dog handmade cartoon ceramic stoneware treat jardog treat jars ceramic stoneware handmade pottery

You can buy these on line through my Etsy Store, and if I'm out of someting you want, skip down to the bottom of this page to order it.

treat jar with a bone


Custom Breed-Specific

Treat Jars/Mugs 

poodle handmade cartoon potterychow chow ceramic dog cartoon chihuahua cartoonlab retriever dog cartoon clay image

 west highland terrier westy cartoon clay handmade treat jar mugjack russel bust treat jarwestie mug treat jar whole body

 great dane ceramic treat jar handmadeborder collie mug treat jarchihuahua treat jarshepherd

bull dog ceramic handmade treat jar mugmulti colored bull dog handmade ceramic stoneware treat jar mug  french bull dog

spaniel treat jar black and whiteboxer treat jar ceramic potteryboston terrier ceramic handmade treat jarboxer mix handmade treat jar

Your dog or cat will love his/her  treat jar. It won't be long for them to recognize the distinctive sound of the lid being opened for a biscuit.


collie shepherd dog mug treat jarspringer spaniel treat jarbouvier cartoon clay handmade treat jar mugsamoyed handmade treat jar mug ceramic pottery


german shepherd ceramic handmade treat jar mugmastiff hound boxer bull dog cartoon handmadegolden lab treat jar mug

dachshund dog mug treat jar stoneware handmadedachshund black and brown cartoon stoneware handmade treat jar mugyorkie terrier mug treat jarcorgie mix mug treat jar handmade stoneware


australian shepherd aussi treat jar mugcorgi mug treat jarcorgi custom mug treat jar

tabby kitty mug treat jar handmade   grey and white kitty cat mug treat jar stoneware handmade pottery

pit bull ceramic mug treat jar custom handmadebeagle mug treat jar handmadehound dog ceramic handmade cup mug custom treat jarborder collie mug treat jar

Treat jars are almost always glazed blue/tan/green, unless you have a special request.

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